Terms and Conditions

1.1 The present terms apply to all legal relations arising between all persons and www.nutiprint.ee run by 2WAY OÜ, reg. code 11914364, Narva mnt. 5, Tallinn (hereinafter referred to as Nutiprint.ee), as a result of purchasing the goods and services from Nutiprint.ee.
1.2 In addition to the present terms, the legal relations arising as a result of purchasing the goods and services from Nutiprint.ee are regulated by applicable legislative acts of Estonian Republic.
1.3 To provide the best and most secure service and for the benefit of Nutiprint.ee development, 2WAY OÜ has the right to amend and supplement the present terms as well as the price list. All terms and pricing changes will be published online on Nutiprint.ee website. Terms and pricing changes come into effect immediately after their publication on Nutiprint.ee website. Should the order be placed before the terms change have occurred, the legal relations between the client and 2WAY OÜ are to be regulated according to the conditions which were in force at the time of placing the order, unless provided otherwise by law or the present terms.

2.1 Nutiprint.ee price list is valid for timely paid invoices according to section 4 of the present terms.
2.2 All listed prices exclude Value Added Tax.

3.1 You have to register within the Nutiprint.ee service to place an order.
3.2 All goods and services ordered from Nutiprint.ee are custom-made according to options and specifications chosen by You.
3.3 Please double-check the order specification, the billing and shipping information, since quick and uninterrupted delivery of Your order depends on the accuracy of the info submitted.
3.4 The contract enters into force at the moment the payment and the correct print file is relayed and accepted by Nutiprint.ee.
3.5 You can not alter the order, change any specification or cancel the order after it is paid and placed within Nutiprint.ee system through accepting Your correctly formatted print file.

4.1 Please choose the suitable payment method on the Billing page.
4.2 Should the placed order not be paid for until the due date, it will be cancelled.
4.3 In case of order cancellation the money will be returned the same way that was used when making an order.

5.1 After the contract has entered into force according to section 3.4, the ordered goods will be produced and dispatched to the destination specified in the order.
5.2 If the ordered goods cannot be possibly dispatched in time period specified in the order, as well as in other situations where the timely dispatch is not possible due to circumstances that 2WAY OÜ cannot be held responsible for, we will inform the customer by telephone or e-mail specified in the order in 3 business days period from the moment the contract becomes operational according to section 3.4 of the present Terms, and will arrange a new goods dispatch time.
5.3 Please double check the billing and shipping info to prevent delays and discrepancies while delivering the goods. 2WAY OÜ and the delivery company are not responsible for delivery delays and discrepancies should such delay or discrepancy be caused by inaccurate or incorrect data submitted by the customer.
5.4 Delivery conditions are valid within the territory of the Estonian Republic only. Should the order be made with the intention to deliver goods abroad, please contact the customer support.

6.1 You have the right to cancel any order only in the following circumstances:
(a) if Nutiprint.ee has failed to dispatch the goods ordered within 14 business days after contract entered into force in accordance with section 3.4,
(b) in the case of faulty goods at the earliest opportunity after You have discovered the fault or defect (provided that You shall be deemed to have inspected the goods as soon as reasonably practicable after delivery and in no case longer than 2 business days after receipt).
6.2 Notice of the wish to cancel must be made by e-mail to the official e-mail address of Nutiprint.ee. The notification must include the order number and details of the claim.
6.3 In the case of a valid claim, Nutiprint.ee may, in its sole discretion, replace the goods (or the part in question) or refund You the price (or an appropriate proportion of the price). Nutiprint.ee will have no further liability to You in respect of the matters referred to in section 6.1.
6.4 In the exception of matters indicated in section 6.1 above, nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall give to You the rights of cancellation in regard to the goods which, by their nature have been made to the client’s specifications or clearly personalised.
6.5 In the case of cancellation under section 6.1 above, Nutiprint.ee shall be responsible for all sums paid by you to Nutiprint.ee (including initial and re-delivery charges (if any)) in respect of the goods in question.
6.6 Items of goods can be returned after notice of the wish to cancel was sent to Nutiprint.ee under sections 6.1 and 6.2 and only after receiving instructions from Nutiprint.ee.
6.7 All items of goods that are returned by You to Nutiprint.ee must be returned in their original packaging (which You should retain for the purpose) and must be in an unused condition.

7.1 2WAY OÜ and the customer are mutually liable for any damage caused to another party by not complying with the present terms in amount and cases provided for by the applicable European Union legislative acts.
7.2 2WAY OÜ is not responsible for the damage incurred by the customer as well as goods delivery delays, should such damage or delivery delay be caused by circumstances beyond 2WAY OÜ control, and occurrence whereof 2WAY OÜ did not foresee and could not have possibly foreseen (Force Majeure).

8.1 All the personal data, submitted by the customer while visiting and effecting purchases in Nutiprint.ee are considered confidential. A protected data transmission channel with the bank guarantees the security of personal data and bank transactions. 2WAY OÜ has no access to these data.
8.2 All matters not covered by the present terms are to be resolved based on the applicable legislative acts of Estonian Republic.
8.3 Disputes emerged due to ordering and purchasing of the goods and services via Nutiprint.ee between You and 2WAY OÜ are being settled by negotiation. In case if the agreement was not reached You have the right to apply to protect Your rights via Consumer Protection Board to Commission on Consumer Complaints or Tallinn City Court. The consumer may file a complaint independently or by proxy. At the resolution of disputes, the existing legislation of The Republic of Estonia is being taken into account.

9.1 All images are for illustrative purposes only.
9.2 Goods and service pricing can change with no prior notice.